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About GreyLoud

​GreyLoud offers a unique hybrid-offshoring model with project leadership in Hong Kong and development and design outsourced to Eastern Europe. This means astonishingly efficient development operations at incredibly affordable rates. We also provide technology selection, technical documentation, process development, product design, software prototyping, and managed cloud services. We are proud to serve Fortune 500 companies, SME's, and cutting-edge startups.

​We equip our clients with the tools to stay ahead of the competition

​Having worked with many outsourcing and general development partners all over the world, from South-East Asia to Eastern Europe, I have only but great things to say about GreyLoud. Their planning, execution, attention to detail and quality of work is all of a very high standard. It's quite frankly why I continue working with them and no one else!

Brent McDowell
Founder & CTO of BMCD



​AWS, Azure, AliCloud, etc., we are able to deploy and manage high-performance, highly-reliable web services in China and around the world


​We help companies realize their vision and earn big returns for their investors. From digital strategy, innovative architectural challenges to consumer apps, we help companies launch and scale.



​Your customers expect you to be available anytime anyplace. A mobile application allows you to be there when your customers need you.


​Web applications offer unmatched portability for the tools your customers depend on. We build platforms with the power to reach millions.

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If you work in a company that requires software development, you have probably realized how

hard it is to find quality software engineering talent in Hong Kong.

That's why we started GreyLoud to solve IT staffing with on-demand development services,

offshore development center setup, and global IT recruitin

​Ilona Kazimirko
​CEO of GreyLoud



​From robo advisors to CRM and portfolio management, we help you design tools for the future of Finance.

Robo Advisors


Digital Banking and Wealth Management

​Logistics & ERP

​Utilize the latest technologies to help your company operate better, faster, and more efficiently.

eCommerce Connectors

User interface Design

Omnichannel Retail Infrastructure

​Retail & eCommerce

​The right software gives your business the edge it needs to compete online and offline.

O2O eCommerce Sites

Logistics Integrations

Shopify, Magento, SAP Hybris


​You may not be able to read minds, but with Oracle Opera your guests will think you can.

POS systems

Oracle Opera

Booking management systems




​This brochure will give you an idea of how we can help you excel.

​​Start Preparing Your Software Development Project ​​​with this​​​​ Project Management Template Toolkit

​Software Project Toolkit

​Build a New Application the Right Way

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    This toolkit will ensure that you are well prepared to begin discussing your idea with development companies and prevents nasty surprises down the line by making sure you have thought through your entire project​​
  • 10 Document Templates to help you map out all the crucial details of your application. You will be guided through all the major aspects of preparing the specification of your application.
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    ​Go step-by-step to outline all the External Systems (e.g. Merchant Services Provider) which will interact with the new application.
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    Create the business case for your application and match specific features and functionality to business benefits 

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​We`re looking forward to working with you.

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