We develop supply chain management software

Supply chain visibility at scale is essential to your business. Starting with production of products all the way through free on board receiving, your business needs real-time data to help you minimize risk, drive efficiency, and make better decisions. Greyloud designs and implements powerful yet easy to use software. Our solutions help your executives and supply chain managers leverage multiple data systems to partner with sourcing suppliers in real time.

The Digital Transformation Process

Perfected over the course of dozens of successful projects and tens of thousands of development hours, our process brings together all critical inputs to building great products. Starting with the definition of your organization’s key strategic goals, to comprehensive user interviews, and a fast but comprehensive design & documentation process we cover all the angles to ensure your product is ready to dominate the market or drive crucial processes for your business.
Embrace constant improvement while maintaining strategic alignment

Digital transformation is a fundamental, strategic paradigm shift. Undertaking such an ambitious project requires transforming your company’s culture to one that supports the change while staying focused on your overarching strategy.

In the fast-changing world of software driven businesses, decision making and planning must move from a long-term focused to having a short-term drive towards how the transformation project can create as much value as possible in the near term.

Map your business process and identify the biggest opportunities

Given the ambitious goals of digital transformation, achieving these goals mandates an end-to-end review of your core operational processes, with detailed examination of business use cases, IT requirements, and opportunities to improve consistency and efficiency using automation.

Now you have a digital roadmap that prioritizes the initiatives that create the greatest economic value by helping you deliver better, faster, and cheaper.

API first development process

API-first development is the cornerstone of delivering successful results for your transformation project. APIs enable the integration of diverse IT systems, and lay the foundation for more collaboration between independent IT projects and product teams, and increase the value you get from your existing IT assets.

According to Gartner Research, APIs can “minimise the friction often caused by organisations implementing a ‘bimodal’ IT strategy – where legacy applications run alongside more innovative digital solutions.

“GreyLoud is by far the best value in Supply Chain IT and Design services I have ever come across in Hong Kong. Our Account Manager Ilona was available to meet with us anytime, for anything from requirements meetings, to helping us go through design concepts and brainstorm product ideas.

Our customer’s loved the shipping management dashboard that GreyLoud created and automated many of the key tasks our customer support team was performing”

Christopher Moore Digital Marketing Strategist at Floship

"Having worked with many outsourcing and general development partners all over the world, from South-East Asia to Eastern Europe, I have only but great things to say about GreyLoud. Their planning, execution, attention to detail and quality of work is all of a very hugh standard.

It's quite franky why I continue working with them and no one else!"

Brent McDowell Founder & CTO of BMCD

We help the enterprise make the right decisions at every step of the supply chain

For procurement teams
  • Avoid making a wrong vendor decision by tracking historical risks for a specific factory
  • Track your suppliers and production targets with automated procurement workflows
  • Attain a holistic picture of potential suppliers by evaluating factory scores based on quality, social responsibility, and delivery history
  • Manage the entire procurement lifecycle from a single dashboard
  • All the data you need at your fingertips such as order information, supplier profiles, and audit reports
For auditors
  • Prevent fraud and maintain data quality by collecting audit information and metadata directly from audit mobile app
  • Save time and focus on creating value using automated workflows
  • Monitor supply chain health and critical action items using audit status workflow and alerts
  • Prevent surprise compliance issues by tracking certificate and audit expiration dates directly on factory cards
  • Quickly schedule and manage audits with powerful workflow based views including calendar, Kanban and status pipelines
For managers
  • Mitigate production, compliance, and logistics risk with integrated data management solutions
  • Manage all your supplier information, orders, and audit results in one easy to use interface
  • Optimize your teams’ efforts using workflow based data visualizations
  • Assess business health with a customizable snapshots of procurement, compliance, sustainability, production, and logistics teams from a single dashboard
  • Focus efforts on value delivery by getting rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks by automatically generating KPI reports
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