“There are simply too many beauty products, brands, and overpromising claims in the market. We found ourselves repeatedly buying and testing products, only to find out these were costly and unfruitful experiments. ohGLAM! is a platform for real users to share stories of their successful or failed experiences with beauty products.”

Cissy Chan, Co-Founder of ohGLAM
UI Style
The color scheme was inspired by tones commonly used in women's cosmetics products such as powders, eye shadows, and lipsticks. We relied on shades of grey, red, and pink for interface elements to highlight the femininity of the brand.

Together with standard fonts like Times New Roman and Open Sans, we used Honey Script to draw the user's attention to the most important content of the website.


  • Honey Script
  • Times New Roman

    Title - Regular 20px

    Date - Italic 14 px

  • Open Sans





    Semibold 16px

    Regular 13px

    Regular 12 px

    Semibold 13-18px


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Product Page
The heart of the platform is the product page, where users are presented with general information about the product such as application instructions, ingredients, the cost of the product, and where the product can be purchased. This is also where users can write and read reviews left by other users, which are sortable by skin type, hair type, and language.

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Product Summary

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30+ Pages
We created an entertaining graphical registration process using custom illustrations which users select to indicate which type of skin and hair they have. The registration process was designed as an interactive quiz, which greatly improved the average completion rate.

We also created 16 illustrated avatars for users that did not wish to post a picture of themselves, but still wanted to express their identity on the platform.

Funny Avatars

About CMS
We built the user interface of the CMS and admin panel to make management of the website as easy and intuitive as possible. Administrators are able to approve new products, organize content, manage users, and view reports of activities taking place on the platform.
And a lot of other things
"It was a pleasure working with GreyLoud. Their team is very professional and creative, and they contributed many great ideas and built a beautiful and user-friendly website for us that is also very easy for us to manage even though we aren't very technical. We have continued to work with them for over a year as we are constantly adding
new features to our platform.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great development partner for their business!"

Cissy Chan

Co-Founder of ohGLAM

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