WordForge is a cross-platform educational browser game targeted towards children and teenagers. GreyLoud's assignment was to refresh the game's visual appearance and redevelop it from Unity Engine to HTML5 and JavaScript to improve compatibility and performance.
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In the first phase our design team experimented with various visual concepts and characters for the game. Since the name of the game was "WordForge", we chose an industrial look based off a steel foundry and created a cartoon cat that was dressed as a factory worker who operates machine controls in tandem with the player's actions.
Digital Render
After receiving client approval for the visual concept and character sketches we created full-color digital versions of all the design assets using a palette of metallic and neon tones. After these renders were completed, we were able to proceed with animating all major visual elements.
We created animations that correspond to control inputs from the player, greatly enhancing the player's immersion in the game experience. All animations for the game were completed, then we passed them to our development team to code the game. The result far exceeded the client's expectations.
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