Floship is a Hong Kong based logistics service specialized in international crowdfunding and e-commerce fulfillment. Floship offers fast and cost-efficient global shipping services. They offer a full suite of logistics services that help ecommerce business to serve customers around the world. Floship provides their customers the peace of mind to focus on other important things – taking their business to the next level. Floship selected GreyLoud to lead a full rebranding and UX design initiative for their website, marketing materials, and self-service logistics management web portal. As a logistics provider, trust, reliability, and dependability are of utmost importance for Floship’s customers, so a predominantly blue and grey color scheme were chosen as these colors are associated with these traits.
In keeping with material design, GreyLoud used a pallet of flat colors and Google’s Roboto font family. An eye-catching orange was used to maximize the conversion rate of critical Call to Action buttons.

H1 Heading

H2 Heading

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Regular Roboto 34pt Medium Roboto 16pt Regular Roboto 16pt Regular Roboto 15pt Regular Roboto 14pt Regular Roboto 13pt
The Floship website features a modern flat and minimalist design that concentrates focus on short and concise benefit statements and information about Floship’s products and services.
GreyLoud translated the themes established in the digital designs into a 50+ page ebook that has been downloaded thousands of times and remains a key pillar of Floship’s marketing program.
“GreyLoud is by far the best value in IT and Design services I have ever come across in Hong Kong. Our Account Manager Ilona was available to meet with us anytime, to help us go through design concepts and brainstorm the projects. Our branding is significantly more attractive and modern than our competitors.”

Christopher Moore, Digital Marketing Strategist at Floship
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