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8 Outsourcing Mistakes That Sabotage Software Success

Outsourcing Mistakes

Outsourcing can be an excellent way of quickly growing an enterprise. It provides efficient and scalable access to expertise in a variety of business functions, in as many fields, without the need to commit vast resources to hiring and training permanent staff. Outsourcing needs to be approached with care, however; done badly, it can create far more […]

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Knowing What You Need – Gathering the Business Requirements [GreyLoud Guide to Software Project Management Part 2]

Knowing What You Need – Gathering the Business Requirements: Software Project Management Hong Kong

Welcome back to the Greyloud University where we will help you refine your idea or vision for a software application. Hopefully, you’ve read the first in this series of Greyloud University papers (‘How to Ensure Software Project Success’) and you understand the context of a software development framework (‘SDLC’) and process; you know about the concept […]

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