​Perfected over the course of dozens of successful projects and tens of thousands of development hours, our process brings together all critical inputs to building great products. From competitive marketing strategies, to comprehensive user interviews, and a fast but comprehensive documentation process we cover all the angles to ensure your product is ready to dominate the market or drive crucial processes for your business.​


Requirements Gathering

Translatation of Business

Requirements into

Technical Requirements

User Stories Organized

by Major Functional



Refine User


User Stories Reviewed by Client

Do User Stories Match

Clients Vision?

Tech Lead Estimates

Amount of Time/Budget

Required to Build

Each Feature

Client and Business

Analyst Prioritize Features

Based on Projects Budget

and Objectives

Finalize Features List of Version 1

No, Refine Flows

User and System Flows are

Created to Explain User

Interaction Process and

Application Logic

Does Logic Match

Intended Functionality?

Wireframes are Created to Define Functionality of

Each Screen of the Interface

Low Fidelity Prototype

is Created to Demonstrate

Feel and Functionality of

the Application

Feedback is Gathered

from Internal and External



Redefine Version 1

Are Changes Needed

Based on Feedback?

Designer Prepares

Design Concept and


Technical Specification,

Project Plan, and System

Architecture are Created

Client Approves Technical Specification,

Project Plan, and System Architecture

Prototype Screens are Replaced

with Finalized Screens

All Designs and Documents

are Delivered to the

Development Team

Software is Developed in

Sprints, Modules, and Milestones

As Modules are

Completed QA Team

Tests Them for Bugs

Did the Software

Pass QA Review?


Fix Bugs

Software Deployed to

Production Environment

Client Performs Acceptance Testing

Project Handoff

Project Completion!!!

The Greyloud Digital Trasformation Process