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Business 101: Outsourcing Your Weaknesses Software Development

Business 101: Outsourcing Your Weaknesses Hong Kong Softwar Development

Businesses can’t always do everything, and their customers won’t get the best product if they refuse to outsource. This doesn’t mean that paying others to cover your company’s weaknesses is a foolproof process, but it is a strategy every business should consider.​Hunt Your WeaknessesBusinesses don’t always know how they are struggling; profits can blind them to […]

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9 Ways Businesses Can Use Mobile Apps Successfully

Ways Hong Kong Businesses Can Use Mobile Apps

With the growth of mobile search, it is common to see businesses creating websites for the mobile experience.  Less common, however, is for these businesses to develop mobile apps for their customers.  Apps might seem out of reach for many businesses, but they can actually be affordable and still offer a quality experience. An app doesn’t need […]

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SaaS and the Business Owner: What to Consider Before Making Software

SaaS and the Business Owner: What to Consider Before Making Software in Hong Kong

​The software as a service, SaaS, tide is rising with every passing day. ​ More and more companies are turning away from locally installed software and turning toward cloud-based solutions and other products that turn software into more of a service.​Large companies may have a jump start on the SaaS bandwagon, but small business owners are […]

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8 Outsourcing Mistakes That Sabotage Software Success

Outsourcing Mistakes

Outsourcing can be an excellent way of quickly growing an enterprise. It provides efficient and scalable access to expertise in a variety of business functions, in as many fields, without the need to commit vast resources to hiring and training permanent staff. Outsourcing needs to be approached with care, however; done badly, it can create far more […]

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Your Hong Kong SaaS Start-Up: 3 Essential Strategies for Long-Term Success

Hong Kong SaaS Startup How to do Development

​Software-as-a-Service provisions software on a subscription model and delivers data and services via the cloud. Businesses access their SaaS utilities through a web browser interface. Recent technological advances make development and the provision of SaaS an attractive prospect for new enterprise start-ups in Hong Kong.​SaaS is the “go-to” choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking […]

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